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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Basic partition panels with Al frame 102.01

Basic partition panels represent one of the basic elements to construct clean workplaces and areas with maximum safety, sterility, hygiene, easy maintenance and sanitation. Due to the tight connection between the partition panels, spaces created between the panels, the floor and the ceiling are guaranteed to contain overpressure or underpressure in the room, which means that they meet the basic criteria for clean areas, for which these panels were specifically designed and proven.


1) Sheath  ​​2) Al frame 3) Al frame 4) Mastic Panels with connecting part Panels with connecting part


  • Panels of sandwich type, consisting of Al frame, sheath and mineral wool.
  • Panels connected by sliding together; self-supporting.
  • Possibility to produce custom panels.
  • Panels solid or glazed.
  • Possibility of gluing horizontal and vertical reinforcements for anchoring shelves, technology, doorframes, etc.
  • Installation panel inserted for media distribution.
  • It is possible to install el. cables directly to the panel.
  • The possibility of fitting the air-conditioning panel with grilles.


1) U profile; 2) Isolation; 3) Al frame; 4) Sheath;
5) U-profile; 6) Basic profile

Panels with connecting part Uncovered installation panel  and elektroinstallation Uncovered installation panel 


  • The panels are fixed to the floor using sliding profiles (Basic profile / U profile).
  • Above the ceiling, the panels are connected by an upper U-profile, which is anchored to the building ceiling or to the auxiliary structure.


  • Quick assembly and disassembly allowing flexible change of the layout of the space
  • Easy maintenance​
  • Color stability and corrosion protection 
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation


  • Pharmacy, biotechnology, medical devices
  • Microelectronics, optics, automotive, electrical engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Machinery, food, chemical industry, etc.


Panel thickness
52 mm

Panel width W
1200 mm
W - width in mm according to dimensional range minimum dimension 150 mm, maximum dimension 1200 mm.
Use the dimensional range of panels in the project - increments of 50mm (200mm, 250mm, 300mm).
Depending on the possibilities of construction, use cut panels only for existing building structures.

Panel height H
2500 mm
2700 mm
3000 mm
Height according to standard dimensional range 2500, 2700, 3000 mm. Min. dimension 150 mm, max. dimension 4000 mm.

Mineral wool

Facing hue and material - standard on the visible side
Galvanized metal sheet, hue RAL 9016
Stainless steel AISI 304
Powder coating (Komaxit), hue RAL
The orientation of the panel according to the side end S5 must be observed