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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Indication in casing 111.02

The system of electronic door status indication allows staff in clean areas to observe the prescribed operating rules for the movement of persons and material. It consists of two or more indication boxes placed near the clean area door above the suspended ceiling. Electronic indication complemented with an electromagnetic lock may be used to block the door.


Indication marking
Indication – series DSL-BSL model 2014

Display type
BLOCK display (ForClean)
Low-power display with two-colour LEDs
PD display with a button

Analogue communication type
Double-circuit – universal
Universal – double-circuit

Door position sensor
Contact or induction sensor
1 optical sensor
2 optical sensors
1x optical sensor + contact
All options

Output relay
Z - Lock
Z - Lock
Z - Lock

Special modifications
No specification
External "Y"
Sliding door
Pass-through with variable time
Unlocking button