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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Suspended HVAC exhaust duct 109.08/A

The air duct is used to remove air from clean rooms in the system of sandwich partitions. This air duct is suspended (it is anchored to the partition panel) and is not part of the partitions (it protrudes into the room space).



  • The air duct is intended for a clean room, where 4 ducts are most often placed (according to the total amount of exhaust air).
  • The channel is made of three pieces of panels made of galvanized sheet metal th. 0.8 mm.
  • The dimensions of the duct depend on the air flow, the depth from 200 to 400 mm and the width of the duct is 300-600 mm.
  • The air grille is located at the bottom of the duct.
  • The lower edge of the air duct is 300 mm from the clean floor, the upper edge of the duct is 50 mm above the ceiling. The HVAC duct is connected to the circular exhaust pipe or by means of the L20 HVAC flange, to which it is possible to connect an air-conditioning extension with a side exhaust.




Type of product
Suspended HVAC exhaust air duct

Duct length "V"
Duct length
V - Type height of air duct 2750 mm

Air flow
volume of exhaust air up to 250 m3 / hour 300x200
volume of exhaust air up to 400 m3 / hour 350x250
volume of exhaust air up to 600 m3 / hour 400x300
volume of exhaust air up to 900 m3 / hour 450x350
volume of exhaust air up to 1500 m3 / hour 600x400

Material of HVAC duct
Stainless steel AISI 304 1,2 mm
Galvanized metal sheet 1,2 mm
Type solution: galvanized sheet metal 1.2 mm, Komaxit RAL 9016

Surface finish
without surface
Powder coating (Komaxit), hue RAL 9016
Powder coating (Komaxit), hue RAL
Without surface treatment, it only applies to the selection in section S4 - AISI304

Anchoring to partition
Anchoring to metal partition
Anchoring to brick partition
Anchoring to plasteboard

Atypical design
Type design
Atypical design
Type design
0 - Unique specification out of offered versions
Atypical design
Q - atypical design that cannot be uniquely specified by a code