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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

PUROFIL terminal diffusers for lightweight metal suspended ceiling (LK) 108.01/F

PUROFIL terminal diffusers are intended as an end filtration element in the air distribution system for environments with high demands for the purity of incoming air - such as operating theatres, sterilisation rooms, intensive care units, different areas in pharmaceutical industry, electrical engineering industry, mechanical engineering industry, food industry, etc.

Adapters are produced in several dimensions of facing, according to HEPA filter size.

To distribute incoming air, the adapters are fitted with a swirling vent-grille or a perforated element at the bottom.



Type of product
PUROFIL terminal diffusers for lightweight metal suspended ceiling
A - old system (until 06/2005), B - old system (until 06/2009), C - new snap-on system - compatible with the innovated lightweight metal suspended ceiling and light fixtures (since 06/2009), D - new designation (since 05/2013), E - change of designation as of 10/2015 (filter corner clamps, 8 mm end element for the middle screw in the girder)

Filter dimensions
Filter dimensions 305 x 305 x 117
Filter dimensions 457 x 457 x 117
Filter dimensions 570 x 570 x 117
filter dimension tolerance + 0 / -0.5 mm

Air intake
side with round neck
upper with round neck

Atypical execution
Typical execution
Atypical execution
Typical execution
0 - clear choice from the options
Atypical execution
Q - Atypical design, which can not be clearly identified by means of code