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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Offset tile 105.92/A

The offset-tile is used in case of ceiling height difference. These are, for example, situations where technology or media distributions run under the ceiling.


offset ceiling panel

Finish designation
Ceiling panels until year 2006
Ceiling panels from year 2006

Finish designation
left corner
right corner

Grid dimensions
600 mm
625 mm

Offset width
dimension 100 mm
dimension 50 mm

Offset height
dimension 1000 mm
dimension 300 mm
dimension 500 mm

galvanized metal sheet, hue RAL 9002
galvanized metal sheet, hue RAL 9016
stainless steel AISI 304
Powder coating (Komaxit), hue RAL

Atypical design
Type design
Atypical design
Type design
0 - Unique specification out of offered versions
Atypical design
Q - atypical design that cannot be uniquely specified by a code