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Laminar flow field for operating room 408.03/B

The laminar flow field for operating room are used to create a uniform airflow of specific cleanliness in septic and aseptic operating theatres.

They meet the most stringent hygienic and technical requirements for air filtration.

The use of a laminar flow field helps achieve minimum contamination of airflow during surgery, as bacteria, viruses and dust particles are captured by HEPA filters immediately before they enter the operating theatre through the air conditioning system.

laminar flow fields are connected to the HVAC pipeline supplying pre-filtered air (at least F7 according to ČSN EN 1822) of specific temperature and relative humidity. In the filtration adapters of the lamination field, the air is fine-cleaned to the required class of cleanliness (H12 ÷ H14). Filtration adapters are equipped with HEPA filters, filtration class H14, conforming to the standard ČSN EN 1822. Dispersion diffusers and laminarizators provide outflow uniformity and laminarity of outgoing air with an air flow rate of 0.2 ÷ 0.25 m.s-1. LED lamps with continuous brightness adjustment (dimming) are used for lighting.


Product type
lamination flow field for operating theatre

laminar flow field dimensions 1875x1875x420
laminar flow field dimensions 1875x2500x420
laminar flow field dimensions 2500x2500x420
laminar flow field dimensions 3000x3000x420
laminar flow field dimensions 3200x3200x420

Connection to HVAC pipeline
standard (from opposite sides)

Tube type
without fluorescent tubes
LED tube sTube 2W 150, luminous flux 7320 lm/66 W, length 1500 mm
90219 49 W F49W/T5/HO/830, luminous flux 4900 lm, length 1449 mm
90223 49 W F49W/T5/HO/840, luminous flux 4900 lm, length 1449 mm

Lighting regulation
without light fixtures
non-dimmable lighting
dimmable lighting

Filtration class
filtration class H14

Diameter of surgical lamp tube
standard Ø125

Surface of visible parts
thermosetting powder coat Komaxit, standard hue RAL 9016