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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Ceiling swirl diffusors 108.92/B


The outlet elements are used to distribute the air to the room. Most often, swirl diffusers are used, which allow a rapid reduction of the flow rate of the supplied air and its even mixing with the air in the room. Perforated sheet metal is used for free and even air supply to the room.

Swirl diffuser BLOCK for filter 457 mm with 30 fixed air control blades

Perforated sheet


  • The standard attachment of the output element is by means of a central screw, which is anchored to the cross member located in the housing of the attachment.
  • The size of the attachment depends on the size of the filter and its bearing surface.



  • color resistance
  • corrosion protection


Air flow through the Block diffusor


  • Pharmacy, biotechnology, medical devices
  • Microelectronics, optics, automotive, electrical engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering, food, chemical industry, etc. industry


Ceiling swirl diffusors

The size of the filter in the attachment
attachment without filter
filter 305×305 mm
filter 457×457 mm
filter 570×570 mm

Exhaust element
Swirling vent-grille BLOCK
Swirling vent-grille BLOCK
perforated metal sheet

Surface of the diffusors
Komaxit powder coating in RAL 9016
Stainless steel AISI304
Komaxit powder coating in RAL shade

Atypical design
Type design
Atypical design
Type design
0 - Unique specification out of offered versions
Atypical design
Q - atypical design that cannot be uniquely specified by a code