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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Smoke exhaust ceiling panel 105.93

A smoke exhaust panel for ceiling. The panel is designed as a gravitational system for the exhaust of heat and smoke in the case of an emergency - fire. Suitable for operating rooms, preparation rooms, clean laboratories and clean warehouses. The panel is integrated in a walkable suspended ceiling panels of 1170x1170 mm, 625x625 mm. The panel is used as a safety device.

It is intended for the ventilation of rooms in connection with an air supply door.


Type designation
Air inlet door

Panel dimensions
for ceiling panel 105.07A
for ceiling panel 105.01F
Atypical panel
It is possible to select the walkable tile suspended ceiling or suspended ceiling.

Open dimmensions
476 x 476
atypical dimension

Colour and material
galvanized sheet
galvanized sheet
Standard colour: RAL 9016

Non-standard design
Standard design
Non-standard design