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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Partition panel with increased thermal resistance 102.06

Panels with increased thermal resistance are used for the construction of thermochambers and cold storage boxes.


  • Sandwich-type panels, consisting of a shell and an inner filling.
  • Panels connected by mutual sliding; self-supporting.
  • It differs from the basic partition panels by the filling and anchoring to the side partition panels, the floor and the ceiling.
  • Media distribution, electrical distribution and HVAC distribution are conducted on the surface, or from the outside of the clean room

 Panel se zvýšenou tepelnou odolností.jpg

1 - Facing; 2 - Filler; 3 - L-profile perpendicular; 4 - L - profile for Fabion; 5 - Facing; 6 - 2x L profiles



  • In areas constructed with these panels, temperature and pressure according to the customer's requirements are maintained.
  • The whole system of connecting panels to each other and to other components (i.e. door casings, ceiling panels, anchoring to the floor) is designed in such a way as to eliminate thermal bridges and minimise heat transfer.
  • This panel system also contains other elements for the construction of complete boxes:



Panel type
partition panel with increased thermal resistance

Panel thickness T
102 mm
122 mm
62 mm
82 mm

Panel width S
1190 mm
560 mm
S - width in mm according to dimensional range 560 mm, 1190 mm.Preferred dimensions: 1190 mm, 560 mm. It is possible to order atypical panel dimensions: min. dimension 300 mm, max. dimension 1190 mm.

Panel height H
2400 mm
2600 mm
Panel height 2400 and 2600 mm. Min. dimension 300 mm, max. dimension 4000 mm.

Styrofoam IB

Facing hue and material - standard on the visible side
Galvanized metal sheet, hue RAL 9002
Galvanized metal sheet, hue RAL 9016
Stainless steel AISI 304
Powder coating (Komaxit), hue RAL

Atypical design
Type design
Atypical design
Type design
0 - Unique specification out of offered versions
Atypical design
Q - atypical design that cannot be uniquely specified by a code