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Metal base 203.01/A

03 C-2.JPG

02 H-2.JPG

Metal base "C" shaped

Metal base "H" shaped

  • Metal frames along with other elements of the system FORLAB makes complete kit, from which is possible to make any assembly of laboratory tables and working tables as needed.
  • There are two kinds of metal frames (base) -  type "H" or type "C" which is set up on adjustable legs.
  • Metal legs are surface-treated by chemically resistant, burned off powder coating RAL.
  • Metal base of type "C" can be supplemented with facing lath
  • Load capacity:
    • type "H" or type "C" has load capacity 200 kg / m2
    • type "CH" has load capacity 250 kg / m2.

Dimensional range:

Table widths (mm)

900, 1200,1500, 1800, 2100

Worktop depths (mm)

600, 750, 900

Worktop widths  (mm)

720, 870



Variants of implementation

Cover plate


C nová 05.JPG
"C" shape complemented by a reinforcement "CH"


Type designation
Metal base

Choosing a metal base
C-Base, shape (60 x 40 mm)
C-Base, rectangular (30 x 30 mm)
C-Base, shape (60x40 mm)

Metal base selection
Basic design
C base with visible front cover
C base with left and front visors
C base with right and front visor
C base with left, right and front visors
For the "C" -shaped edge of the viewing edge, it is defined from which sides of the table this edge is required.

Frame width A
Frame width900 mm
Frame width1200 mm
Frame width1500 mm
Frame width1800 mm
Frame width2100 mm
The width of the base is given according to the width of the worktop. The right and left indentations of the worktop are 50 mm.

Frame depth B
Frame depth
Frame depth
Frame depth
The depth of the table is indicated by the depth of the worktop.

Frame height
Frame height
Frame height
The frame height is specified including the adjustable feet and the worktop.

Color design of base
RAL 7035 - Grey
RAL 9016 - White
Other than the standard RAL colour - for extra charge
As standard, thermosetting epoxy paint is used for surface finish.

Atypical execution
Typical execution
Atypical execution
Typical execution
0 - clear choice from the options
Atypical execution
Q - Atypical design, which can not be clearly identified by means of code