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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Pressure, temperature and humidity display 111.05/B

The device is used to display values ​​from the sensor or from the control system. To make it easier to find out about the correct setpoints, the setpoint range is displayed both graphically and numerically. The display is universally designed to display units of pressure, humidity or temperature. A 0-10V or 4-20mA sensor can be connected to the display. the display can be used to set both the room numbers between which the value is compared and the number of the measuring point.


The pressure display is a display mounted in a durable glass frame, equipped with electronics for evaluation of measured quantities.

Unlike other displays, this display is connected to the same current loop as the sensor whose output values ​​it displays. In the circuit, the sensor is connected in series with the display and the output of the display is then fed to the input of the control unit. Thanks to this, the sensor and the display can be connected to the control unit 1 by a cable and the control unit does not have to control the display or evaluate what value the display should display.

The pressure display is powered by a signal from the pressure sensor (current 4 - 20 mA). Due to the minimal internal resistance, it does not deviate the measured value and converts it to the result shown on the display. It then sends an undistorted signal from the sensor to the input of the control unit. The control unit then converts the signal into the desired shape and further processes it. However, it no longer has to worry about what value to display on the display and does not have to send it to the display.


Pressure, temperature and humidity display