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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Auxiliary switchboard for lamellar field 110.86

An auxiliary switchboard for lamellar fields is designed to connect the circulating unit via a flexible cord.
It is connected to a controlled main switchboard. Outputs from the auxiliary switchboard are sockets under permanent voltage and their type is specified in section S2. The auxiliary switchboard is prepared for every three circulating units, one socket is reserved for the display control or as a servicing socket.

The connection of the auxiliary switchboard to the main switchboard, it is safe guarded by a circuit breaker as specified by the architect along with the cable thickness as necessary.


Auxiliary switchboard for LF

Socket type
output sockets - Schuko type
output socket with earth pin
atypical sockets
The switchboard is connected to the main switchboard and it has 4 non-switched sockets IP 54, under permanent voltage of 230V / 16A. Safeguarding is only provided in the main switchboard.

Atypical design
Standard design
Atypical design
Type design 0 - unambiguous specification from the offered options; Atypical design Q - atypical solution that cannot be unambiguously specified by code