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E-katalog skupiny BLOCK®

Lamellar field control Block control 110.83/B


The touch screen is designed to control circulation units and laminar fields of BLOCK a.s. The circulation unit is designed to ensure an even flow of filtered air over the workplace and to protect the product from ambient contamination.

A touch keyboard is used for control, which is in a robust design for use in demanding industrial conditions. It can be used in industrial production, building automation or in the manufacturing industry.

The touch keyboard is adapted to the location in the partition or door of the cabinet.

From the keyboard it is possible to control motor START / STOP, dimmed fan operation, lighting on / off. It is also possible to control motor power settings and fault messages from the keypad.



Lamellar field control Block control

Cable length
communication cable, 5 metres in length
communication cable, 10 metres in length
communication cable, 15 metres in length
communication cable, various length
The cable length refers to the connection between the circulating unit and the control computer. The connecting cables between CU's are packed with the unit.

Atypical design
Standard design
Atypical design
Type design 0 - unambiguous specification from the offered options; Atypical design Q - atypical solution that cannot be unambiguously specified by code